About Complete Mind Solutions

Here at Complete Mind Solutions, we are passionate about promoting good mental health and well-being. We believe all employers and organisations should value mental health equally with physical health and reflect both in equal measure in their policies and management processes.

Jill Gordon, Founder of Complete Mind Solutions

Good mental well-being is the ability to cope with the day-to-day stresses of life, work productively, interact positively with others and realise our own potential. Increasing an individual’s awareness of investing in their mental well-being and encouraging this as an employer, will have a number of benefits for the business.

Jill Gordon, the Founder of Complete Mind Solutions has created a vital partnership between mental well-being and health and safety. At the core of this is a drive for parity with mental and physical well-being.

Jill established the business and identified a vital need for the services provided by Complete Mind Solutions in response to research and study in this area over a number of years. She found many businesses aren’t fully aware of, or have a great understanding of the legal and moral obligations associated with the mental well-being of their employees.

Jill’s professional experience in both the public and private sectors span 25 years including HR, the caring field and up until 2019, providing welfare support to staff in NICS. As a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a qualified Coach, Jill has a wide range of specialist skills which include certificates in Employee Organisational and Support skills, Counselling, Mental Health First Aid, IOSH and many more. She is very proud of one particular qualification – LivingWorks ASIST Trainer. Suicide prevention and intervention is something she has been a strong advocate for both in her local community and workplaces for many years.

Most recently, Jill gained qualifications which enables her to support the mental health of women during the perinatal period. She uses her own lived experience to provide peer support, encouragement and assistance during a time of change and potential vulnerability.

As well as working within a corporate setting, Jill enjoys working with community groups delivering bespoke training and workshops. Her excellent ability to communicate and build rapport with all, is evident from the feedback she receives.

Jill Gordon – Owner and Founder of Complete Mind Solutions

Complete Mind Solutions encompasses a complete business solution, no matter the size of your organisation.