In times of uncertainty and stress, employers MUST look after their OWN mental well-being as well as those they employ. Managing mental health at work is a critical and growing challenge for all employers.

Why?  A clear mind is essential. Stress can impact our decision making and ability to cope. To clear your head, it is necessary to talk and offload your fears or concerns about what is happening. A plan is also important, to make sense of what is within your control and a goal to work towards. Discussing your concerns will lighten the load and help you feel confident that the action you take now, will create a better future.

Investing in a Business Recovery Plan will enable you to stay in control when there are issues negatively impacting your business.

We can help you to:

  • Develop and assist the implementation of a Business Recovery Plan with specific and measurable steps.
  • Facilitate a Mental Well-being Risk Assessment for you and your employees to prevent and reduce any potential stress.
  • Provide practical and emotional support for you and your team.
  • Deliver training to staff and managers to ensure they look after their mental well-being in order to remain productive and motivated.

Our tools include Risk Assessments, SWOT Analysis and other forms of measurable indicators to show progress, supporting you and your team along the way.

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