Equality Commission Northern Ireland promotes mental health at work

Today I viewed a webinar on mental health at work organised and facilitated by the Equality Commission Northern Ireland. The speakers were very interesting as they described how Covid-19 is challenging the ability of employers in Northern Ireland to support the mental health of employees.

The key points of interest for me were;

  1. Mental ill health is the leading cause of illness in the UK, with Northern Ireland having the highest rate in the UK.
  2. Employers are concerned about getting it right, offering the correct support, free from discrimination and including all employees.
  3. Leaders need to be a model for their team; calm is contagious. Promote hope and having a hopeful attitude. Leaders should also model self-awareness and self-regulation.
  4. Society as a whole is suffering from the effects of poor mental health.
  5. Preventing stress should naturally merge into everyday practise in the workplace.
  6. There is quite a range of support for employers to help promote good mental health and well-being in their workforce. Mental well-being at work needs to be treated as equally as physical health and wellness.

Given my profession, none of the above is new to me. However, each element discussed today, especially the Management Standards approach is at the core of all Complete Mind Solutions services relating to the workplace.

Taking time out for the webinar today reinforces the importance of using a well established, good practise framework as Claire Kelly from HSENI described.

Employers shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to mental health at work. Doing something is better than nothing. It was great to see how passionate the speakers were on mental health, just like me. Good mental health and well-being is what I am passionate about, where my experience lies and I look forward to supporting more employers, managers and staff in the months ahead.

A massive well done to all involved in this morning’s webinar.

Jill Gordon