Knowing where to begin, having the time and required expertise are the main reasons why businesses in the UK prefer to use Complete Mind Solutions to assist in the development of a Mental Health Strategy. Although many organisations have HR professionals, most don’t have time to spend on this specific area. It is more cost effective and time efficient to use our services and ensure every aspect is covered.

An Annual Plan begins with a risk assessment. Once this is completed and the results discussed with a focus group, an action plan for the following 12 months will be decided upon and reviewed on a monthly basis. Complete Mind Solutions will provide support in all required areas then feedback the findings to management after the 12 month period.

Our Mental Well-being Strategy development incorporates the Management Standards approach and the findings of Thriving at Work: a review of mental health and employers (Stevenson and Farmer 2017).

The cost of the package covers a risk assessment, a comprehensive report of the findings, facilitation of a focus group, development of an action plan, monthly review and support for steering group, final review and feedback of results.

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