When I think of people who add value to others’ lives, I think of Jill and how she goes about her work. She has a vast amount of detailed experience and knowledge on mental health well-being in the workplace.

Having worked closely with Jill I saw first-hand how committed she is to helping other people.
In designing and running training programmes she understands how critical it is to tailor the programme content to the needs of each individual/ group and then go back and check understanding and any follow-up that may be needed.
But it’s the way in which she gets her message across that is so effective -down to earth practical advice that we can all relate to in our own lives.
It helps that Jill is such a great listener and an all-round professional.
I’m looking forward to working with Jill on our next project.
Jackie McWilliams – Founder, Active Wellness Ltd.
Excellent 5 week Webinar sessions on Building Resilience providing practical guidelines to help build resilience, self-awareness and confidence in one’s ability to cope when things go wrong.
Weekly sessions delivered useful tips that help deal with challenges, how to be strong on the inside, standing up for yourself and being able to cope with what life throws at you and shrug it off.
Sessions highlighted the importance that small steps can make a difference, so taking 30mins to attend 5 weekly sessions provided me with a tool kit of resources that I can tap into, remind myself that I have the ability to overcome challenges and work through problems that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing.
Gemma Cassidy- MDT Community co-ordinator, County Down Rural Community Network
‘Trackars Healthcare Group attended a workshop on Promoting Good Mental Health in the Workplace presented by Jill on Saturday 30th June 18. Jill was extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Really got us thinking about how we can manage our own stresses and look for signs in our colleagues who may be struggling. Jill’s workshop was fun, interactive and informative! ‘
Niamh Conaty – General Manager Trackars Healthcare

‘Working in the hospitality sector can be very stressful. When I provide training for clients, stress is a common word staff use. I always remind employers of the importance of promoting mental well-being in the workplace as well as the huge business benefits of doing so. It is a well known fact that investing in your employees will increase productivity, motivation, morale and help with the retention of staff. All of these things will go towards developing a business and seeing an increase in profits.

MindSafe at Work do all the hard work which is why I recommend using their services to my clients.’
Oonagh Lenaghan – Business Owner, Hospitality Training Services
‘Rather than having mental well-being at work listed on my agenda, I decided to take action. I wasn’t sure where to start but knew it was vital to do something. MindSafe at Work was the best choice as they offered a full solution. Now I feel confident when employing staff, I have complied with health and safety legislation, everyone feels valued and are fully aware of what support is available. The benefits to my business are already evident but will become even more so in the long term.
I would highly recommend that all employers start to take mental well-being seriously and ensure they are doing all that is necessary.’
Catherine Deegan – Business Owner at Doc Elite

After just one consultation with Jill, she has educated me in the areas of business planning I didn’t feel confident about. Her skills and expertise have enabled me to further develop my knowledge and ultimately helped organise my vision of a successful future in business. I look forward to working with her again.

MJ, New business owner (Business Coaching Start Package)

Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace – Education Sector

‘I am more aware of the signs of poor mental health and stress. I realise there should be no embarrassment when asking for support in work. Everything was well explained and interesting to listen to.’

‘Jill has enabled me to take a different approach to managing my stress levels. I now see stress can be avoided if I use the tools I learned to be pro-active and consistent in looking after myself.’

‘I found the individual action plan the most useful aspect of the training, as I now have something relevant to me which I can use in the future to look after my own mental health and well-being.’

‘I learned to recognise the signs of stress and how it could affect me in work. I am able to put steps in place to prevent any potential stress and encourage self-care on a regular basis.’

‘Looking after my own mental health in the workplace will now be a priority going forward to avoid stress. I realise I need to be well in myself to support my students, especially in the current climate.’

‘The work related stress section was the most interesting for me. I feel better informed as to my employers responsibilities and what I need to do to for myself.’

‘It was extremely useful to learn about the signs of poor mental health and what I can do to support others.’

‘I enjoyed learning about the Management Standards, taking time to reflect and consider my own life situation and what I need to do to look after myself in work and at home.’

‘I now realise the impact taking small steps can have on my mental health in the long term. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I had before the training session.’

‘Time to reflect on the positive changes I need to make in work when stressful times arise was an important part of the session for me. Jill took time to answer my questions afterwards and encouraged me to reach out for support,’

‘Jill provides an honest delivery using real life experience and examples which made it easy to relate to what she was saying.’

‘It was useful to take time out of work, to stop and put on paper the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that I know are relevant to me and teaching during a pandemic. I feel this training has helped me accept I need to manage my workload better and address the pressure I feel using the resources Jill has recommended.’

‘The individual action plan was very useful.’